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This is a participation between four bloggers: One from Holland , one from Poland, one from the USA,  and another blogger from Canada that met in cyberspace and realized they had much in common. The idea is to feature a few songs and music on a daily basis and we are looking for suggestions. Eventually we would like to have the whole page filled with categories that include all nations on the planet.

Crimea: Enjoykin — Nyash Myash

I could not resist. It’s a catchy tune, and she is so beautiful. More importantly, she is the first woman superstar from Crimea with a valid political and social agenda. She had nothing to do with the video or the song. Do read the story. It is a good one. This video got almost 4 million hits in the last three days on YouTube.

▶ Enjoykin — Nyash Myash – YouTube.



RT News
April 19, 2014
A still from YouTube video by Enjoykin

“A still from YouTube video by Enjoykin

The internet fame of Crimea’s chief prosecutor, Natalya Poklonskaya, rages on. A patchy music clip made from Poklonskaya’s videos has scored millions of views on YouTube, with a celebrity opposition figure calling the attorney a “sex symbol of Russia.”

Footage of Poklonskaya’s emotional speech on the coup d’état and “chaos” in Ukraine has been making rounds on the internet since March, but this is the first time it has been set to music.

The chorus of the music mix, compiled by an anonymous internet DJ known only by his alias ‘Enjoykin,’ could certainly be described as simplistic.

In a combination of the official speech and several informal interviews, Poklonskaya appears to be singing: “Power. Blood. Nyash-myash. Blood. Power. Crimea is ours,” (which rhymes in Russian).

The “nyash-myash” bit was apparently taken out from Poklonskaya’s own reaction to her becoming an anime star and receiving a Russian nickname of Nyasha – to which she replied that she would prefer to be perceived as a prosecutor and will not allow any “nyash” or “myash” while at her post.

On a more serious note, the rest of the clip offers cuts from Poklonskaya’s solemn statement which said that “the anti-constitutional mayhem has led to a massive bloodshed…we have no moral right to step aside from our people…our task is to get the work of the prosecutor’s office back on track in this country.”

It also features some original Japanese-style animation of Poklonskaya fighting monsters and sending a toy boat of ‘friendship’ to a girl who is possibly representing Ukraine.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday afternoon, managed to grasp 3,791,552 views and counting by Friday.

The 34-year-old blonde, who is piled up with work as the Republic of Crimea transitions into a Russian region, was shown the clip by Kseniya Sobchak – a Russian opposition activist, journalist, and celebrity.”

More words:

Crimean prosecutor music clip hits 3.7 mn views in three days — RT News.


USA: Dream Theater – Pull Me Under (Cover)

I love this cover version! The teens are amazing!

A talented group of teens and tweens perform Dream Theater’s “Pull Me Under” as heard from the album “Images and Words” (c) 1992 Atco Records.

Performed by
Vocals / Kala Scarpinksi Age 11 (aka James LaBrie)
Lead Guitar / Nathan Clevenger Age 16 (aka John Petrucci)
Rhythm Guitar / Jon Ludwick Age 18 (aka John Petrucci II)
Piano / Alyssa Cocca Age 14 (aka Kevin Moore I)
Organ / Haley Wisbey Age 15 (aka Kevin Moore II)
Bass / Mac McCann Age 14 (aka John Myung)
Drums / D.K. Dews Age 15 (aka Mike Portnoy)

(Full Version only)
Congas / Evan Wells Age 10
Acoustic Guitar / Jace Niven Age 11


Dream Theater – Pull Me Under – youtube

Australia: Teramaze – Esoteric Symbolism

I don’t know their reasons but interestingly enough, Teramaze seem to allude to the subject of the New World Order when you listen to their lyrics and consider the names of the songs on their new album Esoteric Symbolizm, such as “All Seeing Eye” or “Order Out of Chaos” ect. Anyway, in this song, Teramaze apparently want us to open our eyes and see the obvious in the changing world as the coldest moments of the world are coming. – bmc